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iSonic® MVR10 Pro Set of Accessories for P4875II+MVR, P4875II-4T-NH+MVR or P4875-NH+MVR

  • Pro set of accessories to retro fit popular P4875II+MVR or P4875-NH+MVR.
  • Includes: a 1-micro in water filter, a step motor which runs at 10RPM for cleaning, and maximum 600RPM for spin drying, a 24V DC adapter with split cables to fit both motor and filter, a stainless spindle with 2 ball bearings, 2 brackets to support the motor and the spindle, a centering gauge, a set of label protectors with double sided silicone gasket, a shroud as a splash guard for spin drying, 1 high quality no-lint microfiber cleaning cloth good for polishing silver frontal plates on vintage audio equipment.
  • Spin drying takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the room conditions. It's more efficient than fan drying and much quieter than vacuum drying.
  • Step motor is controlled by program to run variable speeds for cleaning and drying.
  • Drain water out before spin drying. Water can be reused. Low foam cleaning solution concentrate is available.
  • Spare filter core is available.
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