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DS310-WS-D | iSonic® Miniaturized Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, white with sapphire blue colors, for dental applications

DS310-WS-D | iSonic® Miniaturized Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, white with sapphire blue colors, for dental applications

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Voltages and Power Plugs
iSonic® Miniaturized Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner DS310-WS-D, white and sapphire blue color, for dental applications, 110V, 50-55W
  • The world's smallest commercial ultrasonic cleaner with an ultrasonic stack transducer. It's a Swiss watch of a commercial ultrasonic cleaner
  • Powerful 50-55W transducer produces 62,5-68W/L power intensity, much higher than average ultrasonic cleaners
  • Integrated beaker holder with a stainless steel beaker. Beaker makes handling much easier as only the beaker needs to be removed to change water
  • Disposable PET cup can be used instead of the beaker to prevent cross contamination. It works much better than using Ziploc bag which is a totally wrong and a risky practice according to OSHA
  • It's excellent to clean burs and files. Bur and file on guards can be placed inside the beaker or the main tank. Diamond burs are difficult to clean but can be cleaned effectively with this method and this unit
  • Implant burs can be cleaned with implant bur guard inside the beaker or the main tank. This can be used when only a few tools are used on a patient instead of cleaning an entire tool kit
  • It can be used for chair-side operations by dentists, and to clean instruments within operatories by hygienists
  • The integrated ss. beaker can be used to clean 3D printed parts with IPA
  • Elongated tank, tank capacity 0.8L/0.85Qt, tank size 18.0x8.7x5.8cm / 7.1"x3.4"x2.3"
  • Touch sensing solid control panel without any buttons for better water proof and reliability
  • Digital timer with 2-color LED display, power switch, detachable power cord, cooling fan
  • Accessories included: plastic strainer attached to the beaker cover for easy retrieval of items after cleaning, a sample 9OZ PET cup
  • Sample solutions included: iSonic White denture/retainer cleaning crystal #CSDW01, iSonic AlignerClean denture/retainer cleaning tablet #CTAR01
  • Recommended applications: for dental offices to clean patient's dentures/appliances with disposable PET cup, to clean burs and files, for patients to clean dentures/appliances at home, and other professional or personal applications.
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Measurement Metric Imperial
Tank Cap. 800 ml 0.85 qt
Tank Size 18 x 8.7 x 5.8cm 7.1" x 3.4" x 2.3"
Max. Level 650 ml 0.68 qt
Freq. 40,000 Hz 40,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 55 W 55 W
Unit Size 22.0 x 13.8 x 14.1cm 8.7" x 5.4" x 5.6"
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