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CS8.0-NH | iSonic® Top of the Line Ultrasonic Cleaner for dental, veterinary, surgical, tattoo and piercing instruments, 2.1 Gal/8L

CS8.0-NH | iSonic® Top of the Line Ultrasonic Cleaner for dental, veterinary, surgical, tattoo and piercing instruments, 2.1 Gal/8L

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iSonic® Top of the Line Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner CS8.0-NH, 2.1Gal/8L, 110V for dental, veterinary, tattoo, body arts, surgical and other medical applications. Not available for dental customers in North America.
  • Aluminum-plastic hybrid housing. Luxurious and durable.
  • Tank capacity 2.1 gallon/ 8 L. Tank size 13.0"x9.5"x4.6". Fits two full size (8"x11") or Hu Friedy's Large Thin Ortho Cassettes (8.2"x11") with stainless steel basket. Unit size 18.3"x13.8"x9".
  • Three super-sized 80W ultrasonic stack transducers for uniform ultrasonic energy distribution and unmatched cleaning power
  • High sound intensity, strong penetration power, uniform distribution of ultrasonic power, super fast cleaning speed and excellent cleaning results, 48K ultrasonic frequency for more precise cleaning, lower noise combined with higher power, not achieved in the industry before
  • Much quieter than ultrasonic cleaners with similar size and power
  • Rotary decoders for easy controls. Previous timer setting recall (NH version only)
  • Cold blue color LED displays, 30-minute timer, open-lid warnings
  • Hinge-free lid, rotate to open and stay open, also easy to remove
  • No heaters for CS8.0-NH (for dental, veterinary and other medical applications where heaters are not needed)
  • Not available to the dental industry in North America
  • Independent control circuit for each ultrasonic transducer, higher output power, no interference between transducers, more durable
  • Multiple circuit protectors to prevent overheating and overloading
  • Three high speed cooling fans to improve heat dissipation and continuous operations
  • Degas function to remove air bubbles
  • Moisture-proofed PCB for challenging working environments
  • Drainage valve for easy discharging of water. Hose is supplied
  • Accessory included:  stainless steel basket
  • Optional accessories: removable ss. cleaning chamber to isolate corrosive or expensive solutions and for 3D printed parts cleaning, ss. beakers for small items such as burs and files #IT8.0A (large) and #IT4875A (small, two can be used side by side, 280 ml ss. beaker with a lid #S01B
  • Recommended applications: dental, veterinarian, surgical instruments, eyeglasses manufacturers, and other professional or commercial uses
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Measurement Metric Imperial
Tank Cap. 6 L 1.55 Gal.
Tank Size 31.1x17.2x11.6 cm 12.2"x6.8"x4.6"
Max. Level 5.0 L 1.3 Gal.
Freq. 48,000 Hz 48,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 160 W 160 W
Unit Size 37.0x29.0x20.5 cm 14.6"x11.4"x8.0"
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