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CS6.2-PRO | iSonic® Motorized Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner for 10 Records, with Filter and Spin Drying (2x Ultrasonic Power vs. CS6.1-PRO)

CS6.2-PRO | iSonic® Motorized Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner for 10 Records, with Filter and Spin Drying (2x Ultrasonic Power vs. CS6.1-PRO)

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Voltages and Power Plugs
iSonic® CS6.2-Pro Motorized Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner for 10 Records, with Filter and Spin Drying, 1.6 Gal/6L, 110V (2x Ultrasonic Power vs. CS6.1-PRO)
  • It has two supersized 90W ultrasonic stack transducers vs. one in CS6.1-PRO therefore its ultrasonic power is doubled. Everything else is the same.
  • CS6.1-PRO's power is adequate for general customers. CS6.2-PRO is better for record stores and customers with very large collections as it cleans twice fasters with better results. It has more ultrasonic power concentration than any other models we have.
  • CS6.1-PRO and CS6.2-PRO are designed specifically for vinyl record cleaning based on what we've learned from the successes of the previous models in the last few yest. It's fitted with a PRO set of accessories with 1-micron filter and a step motor for cleaning and spin drying. 
  • The PRO set includes: a 1-micro in water filter, a stepper motor which runs at 10RPM for cleaning, and maximum 600RPM for spin drying, a 24V DC adapter with split cables to fit both motor and filter, a stainless spindle with 2 ball bearings, 2 brackets to support the motor and the spindle, a set of label protectors with double sided silicone gasket, a shroud as a splash guard for spin drying.
  • Stepper motor is controlled by a program to run variable speeds for cleaning and drying.
  • Drain water out before spin drying. Water can be reused. Spare filter cores are available. A new pump station with reservoir is available to drain water out and pump it back with a flick of switch
  • Low foam cleaning solution concentrate is better suited for spin drying which requires the water be drained and added back afterwards
  • Ten 45s can be cleaned with a simple spindle adapter kit, available as optional accessories
  • Solution included: One 8OZ bottle of iSonic ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning solution concentrate #CSVR02
  • Accessories included: PRO set of accessories for CS6.2-PRO, iSonic no-lint microfiber cleaning and polishing cloth #MCPC01A
  • Optional accessories: 1. Pump Station with Reservoir #PSR01A. It has an inline cartridge filter and 100% of water goes through the filter when it's being pumped back. It's better than the in-water filter in this sense. It makes the spin drying process much easier. 2. Spindle adapter set for 45s. 10 45s can be cleaned at the same time.
  • Online reviews for CS6.1-PRO: Greg Simmons from Stereo Times: iSonic CS6.1 Pro Ultrasonic Record Cleaning System by Greg Simmons (, Steven Stone from Future Audiophile : Mendenhall on Audiogon Discussion Forum
  • CS6.1-PRO was the Winner of Future Audiophile's Audiophile Gear of The Year Award 2023!
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Measurement Metric Imperial
Tank Cap. 6 L 1.55 Gal.
Tank Size 31.1x17.2x11.6 cm 12.2"x6.8"x4.6"
Max. Level 5 L 1.3 Gal.
Freq. 48,000 Hz 48,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 180 + 160(heater) W 180 + 160(heater) W
Unit Size 37.0x29.0x20.5 cm 14.6"x11.4"x8.0"
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