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Voltages and Power Plugs
iSonic® CS6.1-Pro Motorized Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner for 10 LPs, with Filter and Spin Drying, 1.6 Gal/6L, 110V
  • The new model is specifically designed vinyl record cleaning based on what we've learned from the successes of the previous models in the last few yest. It's fitted with a PRO set of accessories with 1-micron filter and a step motor for cleaning and spin drying.
  • The PRO set includes: a 1-micro in water filter, a step motor which runs at 10RPM for cleaning, and maximum 600RPM for spin drying, a 24V DC adapter with split cables to fit both motor and filter, a stainless spindle with 2 ball bearings, 2 brackets to support the motor and the spindle, a set of label protectors with double sided silicone gasket, a shroud as a splash guard for spin drying.
  • Step motor is controlled by a program to run variable speeds for cleaning and drying.
  • Drain water out before spin drying. Water can be reused. Spare filter cores are available.
  • A bottle of cleaning solution concentrate, a high quality microfiber cleaning and polishing cloth are included.
  • New low foam cleaning solution concentrate will be available soon. It's better suited for spin drying which requires the water be drained and added back afterwards
  • Ten 45s can be cleaned with a simple spindle adapter kit, available as optional accessories
  • Online reviews: Greg Simmons from Stereo Times: iSonic CS6.1 Pro Ultrasonic Record Cleaning System by Greg Simmons (, Steven Stone from Future Audiophile :
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Measurement Metric Imperial
Tank Cap. 6 L 1.55 Gal.
Tank Size 31.1x17.2x11.6 cm 12.2"x6.8"x4.6"
Max. Level 5 L 1.3 Gal.
Freq. 48,000 Hz 48,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 80 + 160(heater) W 80 + 160(heater) W
Unit Size 37.0x29.0x20.5 cm 14.6"x11.4"x8.0"
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