Can I use a mason jar in place of a glass beaker when cleaning items in my ultrasonic cleaner?

A: iSonic does not recommend using a mason jar in place of a glass beaker as it can dampen the ultrasonic frequency and prevent you from achieving satisfactory results. A glass beaker is thin enough to allow the ultrasonic frequency to penetrate with enough strength to thoroughly clean your item. A thin plastic cup will also suffice. Ideally, you want to use a beaker holder as well, so as to prevent the weight of the beaker from effecting the performance of the ultrasonic cleaner's transducer. By placing the beaker directly into the tank, without a beaker holder, the beaker is sitting directly on top of the transducer and will prevent the transducer from providing optimal performance. iSonic provides several beaker holding attachments, which work with a variety of the larger models.