Dental Product Information: iSonic® Ultrasonic Cleaners for Dental Applications

iSonic Dental Product Updates

The following is updated product info. We have several categories of products that you may find useful.

1. Medium to large ultrasonic cleaners for instrument cleaning.

Benco distributes our P4831-NH which holds half size (8”x5.5”) cassettes. Dentsply used to distribute our P4875II-4T-NH which holds full size (8”x11”) cassettes but they decided recently not to continue because of their strategic realignment. Coltene distributes our P4862-NH which holds 6”x9” cassettes. Another leading distributor has started to distribute our new high end model CS8.0-NH (with exclusivity). P4831-NH, P4861-NH (a sister model to P4862), and P4875-NH (a sister model to P4875II-4T-NH) are available to other customers. We also have a dual enzymatic tablet #CTDE01 which works better than most single enzyme cleaning tablets or solutions. It's easy to easy and saves on shipping costs and cupboard spaces.

CS is our new high end line. It has a hybrid aluminum and plastic housing structure which looks luxurious and is sturdier and more durable. The advantages include supersized stack transducers, with higher ultrasonic power and more uniform distribution of ultrasonic power throughout the tank.
The noise levels are also reduced even though the powers are higher and this was not achieved in the industry before. CS6.2-NH holds 6”x9” or half size 5.5”x8” cassettes and it has a much smaller footprint than our P4861-NH even though both are 6L/1.6Gal. It has similar footprint as UC125 and UC150. CS6.2-NH cleans 2-3 times faster and more thoroughly than UC125 and UC150 due to its much superior cleaning power. These new CS models beat any ultrasonic cleaners on the market hands down in terms of cleaning power, quietness and reliability. P4875-NH-8 (with a larger ss. basket) also holds Hu Friedy's Large Thin Ortho Cassette which is actually 8.2"x11", wider than the normal full size cassettes.

We recommend that orthodontists use the plier cassettes that pliers are laying sideways or flat. Plier racks that put pliers pointing upwards are the wrong way of doing it. With those racks, the dirtiest areas on the pliers are farthest away from the bottom of the tank where the ultrasonic transducers are mounted underneath. The top area in the tank is typically the weakest area for ultrasound. See the photo below for those cassettes. SteriSolution makes the cargo boxes. Hu-Friedy has Thin Ortho Cassettes to put pliers flat. Alternatively you can also clean pliers loose and put on the racks for the autoclave afterwards.

2. Miniaturized commercial ultrasonic cleaners which are very versatile and useful for dental offices. See video for the various applications of DS310 for dental offices:

Dental Product Report published an article in their March 2020 issue. It's about our miniaturized commercial model DS310 using a standard disposable 9OZ PET cup to clean patient's dentures/appliances.

99.9% of dental offices use a Ziploc bag then put it in an instrument cleaner but that's the wrong method. Ziploc bag is a soft material which absorbs ultrasound. The ultrasound energy inside the bag is much reduced, especially if it's a weak ultrasonic cleaner such as Coltene, L&R's to begin with. It's also a risky practice claimed by OSHA. The bag is not waterproof. It's often put in with instruments
which are sharp and can cut the bag open then you'll have a contamination problem. Some offices worry about it so they put it inside a beaker then in an ultrasonic cleaner but that creates double barriers so it'll not have much ultrasonic energy inside at all. That's why the assistants are brushing patients' dentures after cleaning in a Ziploc bag.

Our DS310 with a PET cup solves all these problems. PET is a hard plastic so it transmits ultrasound much better. Using one cup for each patient so it's totally safe. And it's inexpensive. We believe our method will rewrite the textbook eventually.

You can use it for many applications including:
1). Clean patient’s aligners, retainers, dentures, appliances with a standard 9OZ disposable PET cup.
2). Clean burs and files on bur guards. Burs and files are not easy to clean especially diamond burs.
A paper published in JADA stated they used 30 minutes to clean diamond burs and it probably misled many doctors. Our method with this model takes only a few minutes. It also avoids the risk of losing the burs and files into the drain and running the whole ultrasonic cleaner.
3). Clean implant instruments similar to burs and files with an implant bur holder.
4). Clean hygienists’ instruments using the main cleaning tank within the operatories.
5). Clean patient’s denture/appliances within the operatories by hygienists.
6). Clean rotary instruments by chairside with saline water in a PET cup. It only takes a couple of seconds to remove tissues and bone fragments with this method.
7). Clean other small items such as crowns and veneers, implant abutments, braces, wires, irrigation tips, etc. in the ss. beaker or a PET cup depending on whether they will be autoclaved or not.
8). Clean 3D printed parts in the ss. beaker with IPA. We do have larger models to process large quantities if needed. It cleans faster and better than the washers from the 3D printer suppliers.

3. Personal ultrasonic denture/retainer/night guard cleaners. 
We have personal denture cleaners for patients to use at home. Dentists can use it as a reward for patients who do expensive procedures such as Invisalign, dentures, sleep apnea appliances. This gives a competitive advantage. A happy customer will bring them more referral and you'll make more business.
DS180 would be the best choice for your patients. F3900 is an old model and is the most popular model for personal dental appliances cleaning. DS180 is a newer model and it's better in every aspect. It's very portable as it uses an AC adapter with a round plug which is very easy to detach from the unit. This makes it to have the same effect as having a removable tank. F3900 is hard wired so it's less portable. DS180 is 25W with full wave ultrasound vs. 20W half wave for F3900 therefore its cleaning efficiency is more than doubled. The AC adapter is also AC100-240V so it can be used world wide. It also has an optional rechargeable battery pack so it can be cordless. For large joined appliances or extra large dentures, D2830 is available. We'll give you 20% off the list price for a full case purchase. 12 units per case for F3900, 18 units per case for DS180.
Smile Direct Club used a not so good personal ultrasonic denture/retainer cleaner as incentive for their customers. Dentists can compete  with a better model from us. We sell over 30,000 units of F3900 in the States alone and it's the most popular personal model for this application.

4. Effective cleaning solutions for dentures/appliances.
Using an effective denture cleaning solution is equally important. Our denture cleaning crystal #CSDW01 is the most effective solution on the market to remove stains. It works with dentures, partials, clear retainers and aligners including Invisalign, night guards, etc. Combined together, they are the ultimate denture cleaner on the market. It can also be used with reduced concentration for daily cleaning. We also have a cleaning tablet #CTAR01 for mild/daily cleaning and are working on a natural cleaning tablet.

5. Personal teeth whitening, ortho brush and ortho treatment accelerator U-Smile is a personal cordless device for 360 degree brushing which is particularly useful as an ortho brush. It has an interchangeable whitening head with blue LED light to accelerate whiting. It can also be used to accelerate ortho treatment processes including Invisalign.

6. Extraoral suction system. See a video on YouTube:

We have a new product related to infection controls, an extraoral dental aerosol suction system. It's a popular item now as it provides better protection against the possible spread of viruses through aerosol near a patient's mouth during operations. It has 4 layers of filter with HEPA H13 filtration level, 99.96% of efficiency. UV light for extra disinfection. 500W vacuum pump with 7200 Pa negative pressure, 3 fan speeds with remote control, and quiet operation at less than 60dB. Flexible suction arm with 59" reach so it can fit around the chair. It can be used as a HEPA H13 level air filter and it can filter the air in a regular sized room in a few minutes. It comes with UV lights to disinfect the air passing through. You can see a video at or on our website We have a way-below cost price ($399.95) now to clear the excessive inventory.

You can also see our full video library at, or

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