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  • CTAR01: iSonic® AlignerClean™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablet, 48 tablets/box, 3-month supply
  • iSonic® AlignerClean CTAR01 is an ultrasonic cleaning tablet for clear aligners, retainers, dentures, dental and sleep apnea appliances, mouth guards. It can also be used to clean c-pap masks and tubing. Use it for daily cleaning. Only half tablet is needed when used in our ultrasonic denture, aligner, retainer cleaner model F3900, DS180, only one cycle (5 minutes for F3900 and 3 minutes for DS180) is needed for daily cleaning. 48 tablets per box and is good for 3-month supply. Mint flavor. Kills 99% of bacteria (based on 30-minute test). Removes odors. Prevents formation of stains and buildups.
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