iSonic D3000
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  • Designed for dentrues, partials, retainers, aligners, night guards, mouth guards and other dental appliances. Also good for jewelry, eyeglasses, watches.
  • AC powered, 26W, 42,000Hz, true ultrasonic. Much more effective than AA or AAA battery operated denture cleaners that claim to be ultrasonic
  • Thoroughly cleans entire surfaces and small crevices. No brushing or scraping necessary
  • Sized for a pair of extra large-sized dentures or appliances
  • Compact size, easily fits on countertop by sink
  • 3-minute automatic shut-off. Touch sensing control, with or without the lid. One push button to operate
  • Detachable power cord
  • Part of the Ultimate Denture Cleaning System™. Combined with iSonic® White Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Crystal, they remove the toughest stains and buildups effectively
  • Accessories included:watch stand, denture cleaning crystal and tablet(sample)
Tank Cap. 450 ml 0.48 Qt
Tank Size 15.5x8x3.8 cm 6.1"x3.1"x1.5"
Max. Level 330 ml 0.35 Qt
Freq. 42,000 Hz 42,000 Hz
Voltage 220~240 V 100~120 V
Power 30 W 26 W
Unit Size 19.6x11.8x11.9 cm 7.7"x4.6"x4.7"
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